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Symposium Materials and Systems for Micro-energy Harvesting and Storage

The symposium Materials and systems for micro-energy harvesting and storage (symposium W) is going to be held in the general frame of the next E-MRS Spring meeting (2-6 May 2016) in Lille (France).

Among others, it will cover issues on materials and micro devices for thermal  or mechanical harvesters, and on microbatteries or supercapacitors storage solutions. 

If you feel like contributing, please, follow the link

Abstract submission deadline: 15th January 2016

Symposium organisers:

  • Luis Fonseca-CNM·CSIC
  • Dario Narducci-UNIMIB
  • Philippe Vereecken-IMEC
  • Rob van Schaijk-IMEC·NL

This symposium is supported by the following EU projects that are receiving funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme:

  • SiNERGY (GA nº604169)
  • NanoCaTe (GA nº604647)
  • MATFLEXEND (GA nº604093)
  • MANpower (GA nº604360)