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European conference “Industrial Technologies 2016

On the 22-24th of June, the European conference “Industrial Technologies 2016 – Creating a Smart Europe” will take place in Amsterdam.
The overall programme is very interesting and the conference is worthwhile for you to join.
See for the programme details and the full list of speakers.
SiNERGY coordinator will be present during the session on “Advanced materials & nanotechnology for energy” at this conference on 22nd of June from 15h15 till 16h30.
He will offer in his talk “The frontiers of (micro)energy harvesting in materials and applications from space to earth to humans” the collective view of four European projects in the micro-energy domain (Matflexend, NanoCaTe, ManPower and SiNERGY).
You are invited to this interesting session to also discuss in more depth your thoughts on this subject during the discussions. 

Symposium Materials and Systems for Micro-energy Harvesting and Storage

The symposium Materials and systems for micro-energy harvesting and storage (symposium W) is going to be held in the general frame of the next E-MRS Spring meeting (2-6 May 2016) in Lille (France).

Among others, it will cover issues on materials and micro devices for thermal  or mechanical harvesters, and on microbatteries or supercapacitors storage solutions. 

If you feel like contributing, please, follow the link

Abstract submission deadline: 15th January 2016

Symposium organisers:

  • Luis Fonseca-CNM·CSIC
  • Dario Narducci-UNIMIB
  • Philippe Vereecken-IMEC
  • Rob van Schaijk-IMEC·NL

This symposium is supported by the following EU projects that are receiving funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme:

  • SiNERGY (GA nº604169)
  • NanoCaTe (GA nº604647)
  • MATFLEXEND (GA nº604093)
  • MANpower (GA nº604360)

Sinergy Seminar at RTEX 2015

During "RTEX Robotic Technology Exhibition" held at the Meydan, Dubai - UAE, from October 29th to 1st, 2015, we were invited to give a seminar to expose the Sinergy project.
Download the presentations

Micro-Energy Harvesting (μ -Eh) - Claudio Cenedese

Silicon Friendly Materials and Device Solutions for Microenergy Applications - Paolo Moiraghi

Download the program

RTEX Robotic Technology Exhibition - Seminars

Download SiNERGY Workshop Presentations - June 25-26, 2015 Fraunhofer IWS Dresden

The 2nd Sinergy Workshop was held inside the Energy Harvesting Systems - FlexTEG" - June 25-26, 2015 Fraunhofer IWS Dresden.

Energy harvesting is a means of powering wireless electronic devices by scavenging ambient energy sources such as heat, vibrations, electromagnetic radiation or motion, and their conversion into useable electrical energy. Energy harvesting devices are potentially attractive as replacements for batteries in low power applications.

The FlexTEG-Workshop 2015 has offered a platform to discuss:

  • Energy harvesting materials
  • Storage materials  
  • Integrated systems for energy harvesting and storage
  • Applications


This workshop has presented two related topics:

  • On the first day, 4 European projects presented their work in the field of energy harvesting and storage.
  • On the second day, the focus was on flexible thermoelectric devices and energy management.


The workshop has bring together leading experts in this field and newcomers interested in this fascinating and vibrant field. Ample time for discussion and networking has made this event a great marketplace for new ideas and business in energy harvesting.


Click here to see the program


Read more: Download SiNERGY Workshop Presentations - June 25-26, 2015 Fraunhofer IWS Dresden